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Mark Flugge: Random Thoughts

Illness and Transcendence- Lisa’s Speech at Memorial Concert, 6/15/14
Mark said he hated small talk- I’d actually say he couldn’t do it.  He was incapable of making surface-y, meaningless conversation.  He connected with people, in such a thoughtful, centered way that showed each and every person that he valued them.  Whether you were attending his performances, a student of his, or a server somewhere he played, Mark made you feel like you had a true connection with him; he really cared about people and music, and communicated that to every person he came into contact with.  He told me often that his goal in life was simply to treat people well; I think he attained that goal.
Mark was also incapable of musical small talk.  He was of the “less is more” philosophy of music; each note he played and composed had meaning- a purpose for being there.  He didn’t sing when I met him in 2004; although he had a huge appreciation [...]
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I'm so thankful for the opportunity to play music again, even though my hearing is compromised. Playing Friday and Saturday this weekend (2/21 and 2/22) has once again been incredibly satisfying. Music rejuvenates me in a way that nothing else possibly can. Great musicians like Derek DiCenzo, Aaron Scott, Chris Berg, Dave DeWitt, Doug Richeson, Jim Ed Cobbs, Jim Rupp, Joe Ong, Andy Woodson, Matt Wagner (there are too many to name), make this venue a truly unique experience. Every week is like beginning again.
Maybe most importantly, thank you to the loyal patrons, Don & Carole, Jody & Dan, Becky, Randy & Susan, Mike & Melinda, George & Melissa, and all the others who I don't know by name, but by their loyal support.

Frishberg show

Posted on February 20, 2014
Jody was fantastic, and we pulled together a lot of difficult music without much rehearsal. Everyone is so busy!
Great crowd, food, service...Natalie's is doing it right. Thanks everyone!
I have to admit, I got a thrill out of singing Van Lingle Mungo, a song which combines 2 great loves of mine, baseball and music.
Thank you to Dick Mackey for introducing me to Frishberg, and so many other great songwriters and songs. Dick, you are a treasure!

Evans show

Posted on February 11, 2014
I felt good about this show, and although still have problems hearing, it was tremendously rewarding. Again, thanks to all for attending. Hope you enjoyed my vocal tribute (Waltz For Debby) in the first half. That's a first for me, and probably a last. It's a lyric I feel so strongly connected to, that I really needed to share it.
I'm happy with the way the 4-movement Suite played out, and especially the extraordinary contributions of Lisa Jelle, Jim Rupp, and Doug "Big Granddaddy" Richeson.

Last Friday, 2/7, was another exhilarating and very fun evening at HP with Aaron Scott and Dave Dewitt. They will be back on 2/14, and I'll be joined by Derek on guitar on 2/21 along with the mighty Chris Berg on bass.
I played a drum clinic at OMEA today with Jim Rupp, and he said that Hyde Park was "one of the greatest trio rooms in the country". I couldn't agree more, and there's no cover charge!!! Come have a drink, dessert, or burger at the bar, and soak in the atmosphere.

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